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Just in case I haven't been enough help, have a look at some of these sites. You might find some more information that I might have forgotten to include or just didn't bother with. Anyway, this list should save you some time instead of searching the world wide web for answers. Some of the results you can get from search engines will be a waste of your time, so stick to this carefully groomed list.
◊ Complete guide to online and casino blackjack.
American Blackjack
◊ America's premier blackjack portal online.
Bettor's Blackjack
◊ An informative and entertaining site; find out about prizes and casino comps.
Blackjack Course
◊ Learn how to get the most out of blackjack and how to increase your odds.
◊ Online blackjack, rules, strategies and more. Included a strategy engine.
Blackjack Man
◊ Enjoy playing the free game with a built-in chat. Find out more about cards counting, plus!
Casino Blackjack
◊ Enjoy the best of online blackjack gaming for real money.
Enjoy Blackjack
◊ Learn about the game of blackjack: the history, stories, rules, and more.
Fat Tony's Blackjack
◊ Offering real blackjack advice, real free online blackjack and more.
Free Blackjack Tips
◊ You're sure to find what you need within the contents of this free site.
House of Blackjack
◊ Home of the world's most popular card game. Enjoy a great free blackjack game on the house.
◊ German blackjack gambling portal.
Blackjack Gratuit
◊ Règles, stratégies, bouts, liens spéciaux, nerf de boeuf de bande et plus.
Blackjack Gratis
◊ La Blackjack-Gratis vi riporta al buon veccio mondo dei giochi da casinò conil più famoso gioco di carte del mondo.
Online Poker

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